It's Alive

Oh my god, I think I've done it. After consulting with Matt Felten over TWO years ago, I've switched my blog away from squarespace, and onto my own server. Not that I use this blog for much (looks at the entire history of two posts), but it was a fun challenge.

Truth be told, most of the work was done two years ago. It's only taken me until now to bring the rest of the pieces together, and get something that actually runs.

The new and improved is run on Jekyll, the static HTML generator. No more cruft from squarespace or wordpress, now it's just flat HTML files. I realized I didn't use pretty much any of the squarespace features except for the site editor, and after a lot of tinkering, I could just do what I wanted with very simple CSS. Drag-and-drop was nice, but wholly unnecessary for this simple site.

I've been reading a lot and thinking a lot about the "Indie Web" and what that means for me and the internet in general. I put so much time and content into twitter, but I'd at least like to have my own slice of homestead somewhere. And that's here I guess.

Am I going to publicize my new creation? Nah. This post is merely intended to stick another flag in the ground I've tread over and over.

Even now, there's still work to be done, new things to learn. How do I post from the road? How do I find motivation to write more than one blog post every four years? Am I happy with this design?